Jazaira L. Saldana-Cintron, Puerto Rico, ESOL Writing V

I believe in possibilities instead of impossibilities. I believe in the ability to create the world around your intentions, imagination, and will. As Will Smith said, “If you want something, GO GET IT, period.”

People’s intentions play an important role in their beliefs. If people want their dreams to come true, they need to take risks. Staying in the comfort zone is not an option to someone that wants a change in his/her life. Do not just take the safe and easy options only because you are afraid of what might happen. For example, if people need to accomplish a big dream in their life, they need to make a plan, put all the ideas in order, be focused in what they want, and look for ways to make it possible. For example, a year ago, I was thinking about quitting my job and returning back to college. The thought of coming back to school made me completely scared, but my intentions were bigger than my fears. By making unusual sacrifices I am now studying in college.

Imagination is another way to realize one’s dreams. Imagination keeps people believing and motivated in their dreams. When someone has a dream or a vision, she needs to get an education, must make it a reality and work hard until the dream becomes a reality. It does not matter how many times you had tried before; what matters is that you make it a reality like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

Even though everyone has a dream to achieve, not everybody possesses the power, knowledge, and ability to make the dream a reality. For example, if a person like Steve Jobs had renounced his dream the first time that something did not turn out well, he would have never seen his dream come true. It is very important to keep in mind that it is one thing to set a goal, and another thing to achieve that goal. People need to understand that to make something possible they need to have the will.

Overall, Individuals need to know that successful people make impossible things possible by working hard, making sacrifices, and believing in their intensions and imagination.

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