Liliana Gamez, Mexico , ESOL Writing V

I believe in love. Many of us who hear the word “love” may quickly think about amorousness, but love does not mean that only. Every one may have a different concept to define the word love, but for me this word encompasses many concepts. Love is compassion, respect, tolerance, peace, and all the terms that define good feelings. Love is the key to a better world. Love moves us to do what is right. Everything could be different if human kind could have space for love in their hearts. When there is not love in people’s hearts, there are other feelings that move them. Love keeps away negative feelings. Hate, vanity, fear, envy, selfishness and avarice lead us to act in an incorrect way. Why do you think war exists? Because of the interests of certain groups of people that do not think in the consequences that war brings. Hundreds of people have died in the name of war just because certain groups of people follow personal interests that are very far from the purpose they claim is “reasonable”. We rarely think that love is the key to stop the wars. Loving each other as brothers and sisters is the key for a better world. It brings to my mind that phrase that Benito Juarez, a Mexican ex-president, wisely said, “Between individuals, as between nations, peace means respect for the rights of others.” This phrase is mentioning respect, but it also includes love. Love for others, not just for those ones we know. The day we learn how to love others as we love ourselves, we will live in peace and harmony.

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