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Everyone has a valuable lesson to help them grow up. That lesson may come from family or their own experience. For me, my first valuable lesson came from my experience when I was 16, still living in Vietnam in my first boss’s house. This lesson made me learn that you must never steal anything from anyone, and you should not be greedy. In that period, a difficult thing happened with my parents’ business. We used to have a lot of money but not anymore. As a 16-year-old crazy teenager, I wanted to take care of my high school life, so I got a job. My first job was to clean the house of someone who did not want to pay for a cleaning company because it was too expensive. In my country, hiring somebody is cheaper than hiring a company. But I did not care about how much they paid me; I just wanted to make as much money as I could.

So on the first day, I tried to be on time. I also tried my best to be nice and polite with the people who had hired me. I was so excited and also afraid. After introductions, they very quickly told me what exactly I had to do. Then, they told me that they would go somewhere to buy something, and they would come back soon. It meant I would stay at their house alone. I was a little afraid, but it was fine. I just focused on my work. While I was cleaning the floor, I found a ring. The rind had a big diamond in it. I thought maybe they lost it because it was left under the bed. It looked like this ring was available, so I could sell it and get a lot of money. They would not know it was lost, so why should I not keep it? I thought I was so lucky to find the ring. However, what would happen if they would find out that I had taken the ring and they would tell me parents? It was too dangerous. After I debated the matter with myself, I decided to give it to them when they came back home.

When they came home, I gave them the ring, and they told me that they knew about the ring. I could not believe it. They had left it there to see if I would give it back to them or not. If I did, they would let me continue my job. If not, they would call my parents. They were happy when I gave it back to them and told me that my parents should be proud of me. At that second, I was so upset and mad at them, but I also thought that this experience would help me a lot in the future.

Maybe this story does not touch any points about belief, but it gave me one invaluable lesson. If something is yours, it belongs to you. I believe that our destiny has already been decided. Do not be greedy and also do not wait for luck. Hard work is the only way to succeed. If you try to steal, you have to pay for what you have done. The “law of truth” never misses anyone.

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