Carmen Rubio, Mexico, ESOL Writing V

Have you wondered how many real friends you have? Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two people or more. As we grow, we meet new people and we make new friends. Being friends is about enjoying each other’s company and being there through the ups and downs no matter what. A friendship can be for a short time or until the last day of our life. In my opinion, a real friend must be honest, trustworthy and loyal.

Being honest is an important quality that a person must have to be a real friend. Being honest means telling the truth even if it hurts somebody. Nothing hurts more when a friend is not being completely honest with you and is doing things behind your back. But the worse is when you find out that your supposed friend is lying to you for somebody else who is not as close. For me as a friend, I would rather have friends who tell me the truth instead of lying to me just to make me happy. If you are an honest person you will receive honesty from people around you.

Another quality of a real friend is being trustworthy. Everybody has a friend in whom they can trust, somebody whom you can talk about anything. You can talk to this friend even about personal problems or things that are very private for you. You feel free to express your feelings without fear. Also, you enjoy the time that you spend together doing crazy things. This is a friend whom you ask for advice or favors when you need to. This type of friend is someone who makes you feel secure and encourages you to accomplish your goals. She is there for you in good and bad times without expecting anything in return. In short, trust is the base of a friendship.

Finally, being loyal makes your friendship last. Being loyal does not mean that you cannot have more friends. It means giving to each one the attention that they deserve in a friendship. For example, you can have many friends, but you must respect all of them and accept them in the way that they want to live. A loyal friend will always do anything to keep her friends forever.

In conclusion, you can be around many people, but only a few of them can be your real friends. These are friends who are very important for you and you can consider them as your family. If you are honest, trustworthy and loyal, for sure you are a real friend.

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  • Guest - Liliana Gamez

    I liked your essay Carmen. :) You are right when you say that we can be around many people but just few them are our real friends.

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