Gamaliel Bermudez, Mexico, ESOL Writing V

There are many people who give up on their dreams of becoming the person they really are. In many cases people stay comfortable with having what most people would like to have: a family, a house, a car and a good salary. On the other hand, what about those that have all of that but they still want to go an extra mile. Some of us sacrifice our dreams of becoming a teacher, businessman, engineer, lawyer or police officer because we have a family to take care of. However, if we are not willing to extend ourselves on obtaining our dreams, nobody else will do it for us. To accomplish our goals we have to believe in ourselves and sacrifice family time.

First, you have to believe in yourself and have the courage to keep going for your dream. For example, if you have a full time job and also attend school like me, you are constantly doubting if you can actually do it because you have so many things to deal with. For example, your daughter has not been doing her homework and her grades are getting lower because you have not provided the attention she needs. In addition, at your job you have been asked to work a few extra hours and now you have less time to study. But you shouldn’t worry because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Believe in yourself, be enthusiastic and have the heart to face the obstacles that you are facing. Remember why you started and that you are here to accomplish your dream not someone else’s.

Second, willing to sacrifice family time is the hardest thing to do. For instance, when I am doing homework and my kids are playing in the backyard and they are screaming, “Dad come play with us; we are waiting for you to play.” That is a terrible feeling because I have homework to do but also I want to spent time with my kids. I work at nights and I only have one day off during the week and most of the time I am doing homework. I don’t see my kids very often because when I get home from work they are sleep. I stay up very late doing homework and when it is time for my kids to go to school I am sleep. This is a difficult situation, but I realize that to make my dreams come true I have to sacrifice my family time.

In conclusion, you should stay positive and go the extra mile to achieve your dreams. There will be difficult times that would make you want to give up, but if you believe in you, the obstacles would be just another reason to keep going.

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