This I Believe

Miteshkumar Prajapati, India, ESOL Writing V

There are some aspects of life which are always hard to understand. The most common aspect of life is love; Love is the feeling which arose in my heart when I saw my girlfriend for the first time in the opening ceremony of a new hospital in India. I saw her for the first time and my heart flew away to her. That was in December 15th, 2014, and since then we have been together. Now it is almost two years, so we decided to tell our parents about our relationship. In a country like India, people are allowed to love, but not always to marry that person. Generally, a girl’s family has this kind of problem, but in my case it’s my family that has an issue with our marriage because the girl is from a different caste.

Cindy Nguyen, Vietnam, ESOL Reading V

Everyone has a valuable lesson to help them grow up. That lesson may come from family or their own experience. For me, my first valuable lesson came from my experience when I was 16, still living in Vietnam in my first boss’s house. This lesson made me learn that you must never steal anything from anyone, and you should not be greedy.

Liliana Gamez, Mexico , ESOL Writing V

I believe in love. Many of us who hear the word “love” may quickly think about amorousness, but love does not mean that only. Every one may have a different concept to define the word love, but for me this word encompasses many concepts. Love is compassion, respect, tolerance, peace, and all the terms that define good feelings. Love is the key to a better world. Love moves us to do what is right. Everything could be different if human kind could have space for love in their hearts.

Yulys Arias, Dominican Republic , ESOL Writing V

I strongly believe in forgiving each other. I think to forgive is very important in our lives for many reasons. One of them is because Jesus commands us to forgive. Jesus says in the Bible, ‘’Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you’’- Ephesians 4:32. Through this verse of the Bible, we can see how important it is to forgive because as God forgave us we forgive the offenses of our brothers, and by doing so, we are fulfilling his commandment. There are many more verses that emphasize the importance of forgiveness. For example, in one occasion Jesus said a parable about a king who settled an account with a servant.

Carmen Rubio, Mexico, ESOL Writing V

Have you wondered how many real friends you have? Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two people or more. As we grow, we meet new people and we make new friends. Being friends is about enjoying each other’s company and being there through the ups and downs no matter what. A friendship can be for a short time or until the last day of our life. In my opinion, a real friend must be honest, trustworthy and loyal.

Jazaira L. Saldana-Cintron, Puerto Rico, ESOL Writing V

I believe in possibilities instead of impossibilities. I believe in the ability to create the world around your intentions, imagination, and will. As Will Smith said, “If you want something, GO GET IT, period.”

Mauricio Luciche, Venezuela, ESOL Writing V

Since I was 10 years old, all I’ve wanted was for my country Venezuela to get better so I could just go back home. I moved to Houston when I was 10 years old and all I wanted was to go back. I spent 5 years here until I finally made the decision to go back to my country. For the first time in a while I was finally at peace and happy. Even though I struggled back in my country, I felt at peace.

Maria L Valdivia, Peru, ESOL Writing V

I did not realize the importance of a simple smile until the day that my five-year-old daughter held me tight with a big smile and asked, “Mommy...are you laughing?” We were at the beach with my parents, and my father kept falling into the water because of the waves (really small waves). He could not stand by himself, so my mother went to help him and she fell, too. They started laughing because they could not stand up. It was so funny that I could not help myself and started smiling which turned into laughing. I could not remember how good it felt to have that kind of moment. Of course we all finished our day with a good smile on our faces. This may be a simple story for anyone but it was not for me. Later on, I asked myself several questions: Why was my daughter surprised that I could smile or even laugh? How happy was she because of that? How often do I smile to the people that I work with? How can a smile affect other people?

Gamaliel Bermudez, Mexico, ESOL Writing V

There are many people who give up on their dreams of becoming the person they really are. In many cases people stay comfortable with having what most people would like to have: a family, a house, a car and a good salary. On the other hand, what about those that have all of that but they still want to go an extra mile. Some of us sacrifice our dreams of becoming a teacher, businessman, engineer, lawyer or police officer because we have a family to take care of. However, if we are not willing to extend ourselves on obtaining our dreams, nobody else will do it for us. To accomplish our goals we have to believe in ourselves and sacrifice family time.