Lorena Torres, Mexico, Writing IV

How did a Polish child become one of the most important people in the world? He never imagined that his future would be written as the most loving and respectful leader of the last century. Karol J. Wojtyla was the real name of the pope John Paul the II. When he was a young man he became a priest, and 40 years later he was named Pope in 1970. John Paul II was the most inspiring pope in history who influenced me as well as many other people, believers or not. He has inspired me because he was an ambassador for peace and freedom for all human kind.

Thanks to his efforts, the Berlin Wall was torn down. John Paul the II sought the freedom for German people regardless of their religion. He considered that every person should be free without suffering, so he talked with the German Prime Minister, the Russian president and the U.S president. This event changed my life in certain ways because he made me realize that I was missing very important issues. I had been focusing on myself and not in others´ needs. He has made me feel that I can make huge change in others’ lives, and at the same time I could feel good myself. John Paul the II was a great example of a perseverant person in front of life’s challenges.

I admire people who help others no matter the culture, nationality, race, gender or religion. The best example of this kind of person is John Paul the II. I wish that in the same way he inspired me, other’s people hearts could be touched by him, so they could follow his example to make this world a better place for everyone.

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