My Hobbies and Pastimes

Denise Regis, Brazil, ESOL Writing I

My favorite hobby is painting. Painting reflects my imagination. All my feelings are transferred to a piece of canvas by colors. Every single process of painting delights me. I cut myself off from everything around me when I am painting. I feel like a paper floating in space. I am so relaxed and so peaceful at that time. Panting is my passion.

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Maria G. Montano, Mexico, ESOL Integrated Skills I

My hobby is listening to songs, both in English and Spanish. I like to listen to rock music with high volume when I am angry, tired, or nervous. It relaxes me when I work and clean my house. I also like to watch movies – action, romance, Disney, dancing – everything.

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Blanca Zaragoza, Mexico, ESOL Integrated Skills I

My pastime is exercise. I like it because it relaxes me, it’s good for my health and it makes me feel good.

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Erika Palma, Mexico, ESOL Integrated Skills I

My hobby is hunting with my family. We use this valuable time to relax after a heavy week of work and school. Both my husband and I enjoy the outdoors and want to pass this on to our kids. We spend the winter months hunting together and the rest of the year planning our future hunts. We also enjoy eating what we kill and also mounting our trophies on the wall. We have seen that this sport also keeps our kids from just playing video games, watching TV, and hanging out with friends on the streets late at night. We plan on passing this hobby along to the future generations.

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Mayuly Zerpa. Venezuela. ESOL Integrated Skills I

I am from Venezuela. My pastime is the sport of running. I am an athlete of this sport in my country. I belong to the team Cachamay Runners of Bolivar State Venezuela. This sport has given me much personal satisfaction. As an athlete, I have to represent my team and my country in other countries, such as participating in the 2014 marathon in Bogota, Colombia, where I ran my first 21 kilometers, at an international level. On January 24, 2016, I and 24 other runners represented Venezuela in the marathon of Miami, where I was thrilled to have fulfilled my first 42 Kilometers internationally, which helped me to run the 42 km CAF, marathon Caracas, in April of this year.