My Favorite American Holiday or Tradition

Lindy Sarmiento, Philippines, ESOL Writing III

Thanksgiving is my favorite American tradition. I was amazed at how people in America celebrate Thanksgiving. I have been celebrating Thanksgiving with my family for six years. Although I don't have any idea how it started, but I love how people celebrate all the blessings, even my family. Since we have a huge family, we organize a gathering two weeks before Thanksgiving, each family member should have one dish and one dessert as a potluck, and they all prepare gourmet food. The host usually prepares the turkey. Also, I can't wait for Black Friday shopping, where I have to wake up early to get the early bird specials.

Andrea Sion, Ecuador, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American holiday is celebrated on October 31st, every year, and it is called Halloween. I like it because this tradition is about having costume parties, going out with friends or family, having a good time, making jokes, watching horror movies, and children asking for candy at night. I have a memory of this holiday when I was in high school. The first time that I went to a Halloween party with my group of seven special friends, we dressed up as superheroes. We dressed as Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman, and I was Iron Man. Our costumes were very attractive, sleek, sparkly, smooth, elaborate and handmade.

Reina Flores, El Salvador, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American tradition is Thanksgiving because I love to give thanks to God for everything. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. I love this tradition for three reasons. First, I like the history about Thanksgiving. I read that this tradition started when Pilgrims emigrated from England to the United States. Pilgrims carried their tradition to the United States. Pilgrims and Americans gave thanks to God for the bountiful harvest. They taught us to give thanks for our food. They celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Second, I like Thanksgiving because it is a special day for Americans. They share with families and friends.

Marina Quintanilla, El Salvador, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American holiday is Thanksgiving. My family and I celebrate that day every year. For me, it is a good day to share and enjoy time with family. We get together at my house. We invite our closest friends to share the celebration with us, too. Everybody brings a dish to share. My mother-in-love and I always cook the turkey; it is a tradition for us. That is our specialty. On the table, we serve rice, turkey stuffed with delicious meat, potato salad, green beans, ham, green salad, corn, gravy, bread, sweet potatoes, cornbread, cranberry sauce and macaroni and cheese. Before dinner, we select one person to pray. Each year, it has to be a different person.

Alex Wu, China, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American holiday is Christmas because it has a lot of fun and vacations. Christmas is on December 25th. On Christmas, people usually buy a Christmas tree to put in their homes, and buy some gifts for their families. The day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve. On that night, children usually hang a sock in front of the beds because they want to get gifts from Santa Claus. Sometimes their families put gifts under the tree when the children are asleep.

Omer Syed Sharif, India, ESOL Writing III

Christmas is a great festival. It is celebrated by everyone, especially Christians. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. He is the son of God and he founded Christianity. People in many countries decorate their homes with Christmas trees, which is decorated with sparkling balls, colorful lights, jingle bells, flowers, and other objects. Everyone prepares Christmas dinner at their homes and invites family members, friends, and relatives. Everybody enjoys Christmas especially for the gifts, chocolates, and cakes given by their relatives and friends.Children love Christmas especially for gifts from parents, grandparents, and also from Santa Claus, who gives them funny and surprising gifts every year. All the schools, colleges, universities have a holiday for the whole week to celebrate Christmas.

Florens Mercado, Venezuela, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American holiday is Thanksgiving Day. It is a traditional holiday which is celebrated on the Fourth Thursday of November in the United States. I like this celebration for different reasons. The first reason is that it is a moment to be thankful for everything that we have and give thanks to America for having us. In addition, on Thanksgiving, families are closer to each other, all people have happy faces, and you can feel the love in the air, which feels nice! Last year was the second time that I celebrated this holiday. When I was in Venezuela, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my American friends on Thanksgiving Day. I have beautiful memories about it. Now, living in Houston, I enjoy this celebration more. I like how people decorate their houses with a lot of lights, garlands with traditional Thanksgiving colors, so pretty!

Phu Nguyen, Vietnam, ESOL Writing III

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated every year in United States. It usually happens in November. Immigrants arranged Thanksgiving 400 years ago. This holiday is a time to thank God, who gave us food, jobs and good lives. Thanksgiving is also the official holiday for all workers by law in the United States. Thanksgiving Day is the day all families get together. People who work abroad or go to school abroad come home. On Thanksgiving Day, all families have dinner together or with their friends. They eat turkey and usually drink apple juice. After dinner, family members sit together to talk and watch TV.

Shabana Khatoon, India, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American holiday was last Christmas because we reunited with our family. Last year in 2015, Christmas day brought happiness to our lives. Before then, I and my husband were separated for one year. On Christmas, people decorate their houses with amazing colorful lights and a special sparkling tree. One year ago, my family spent this holiday in Disney Land in Florida. We stayed in a three star hotel. We all enjoyed the rides, water parks, and my favorite, Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom.

Khwanta Wedman, Thailand, ESOL Writing III

My favorite American tradition is Christmas because I have two weeks off to do things. First, I have a Christmas celebration with my husband’s family. We open Christmas presents and have a big dinner. We love making Christmas dishes such as turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. We all enjoy eating food and playing games with our children. Second, there are many outdoor activities for me and my family.