The ESOL Program at Lone Star College - Kingwood was founded in August 2001 to help international students and professionals as well as immigrants who live in the communities around the college learn and improve their English. In addition to providing language training, the Program sponsors cultural events to promote intercultural understanding and diversity on campus and in the community. With this goal in mind, ESOL Program started the Diversity Magazine in 2003 in print format and later made it available on the ESOL website in PDF. To expand the readership and facilitate partnerships with other colleges in the US and abroad, the Diversity Magazine is now published as a blog. The Diversity Magazine Blog contains stories and artwork by students about their experiences in their home countries and in the US. I hope you enjoy reading their stories and share your comments with us. If you have any general comments about the Diversity Blog, please e-mail Dr. Masoud Shafiei at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The editor would like to thanks ESOL students and Faculty for their contributions to the Diversity Magazine Blog.

Dr. Masoud Shafiei

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